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  1. VIP-1 (Using aerogels as the core of VIPs): Aerogels are the world’s lightest solids, composed of up to 99.98% air by volume. A novel polymer aerogel system reinforced with wood-extracted cellulose nanofibrils & nano-fly ash. Fly ash (coal-burning waste) was used as a filler to reduce the cost and improve the mechanical strength of the aerogels. We reduced the contribution of core material to less than 50% of the total production energy. The required content of cellulose nanofibers was reduced by replacing them with fly ash and bio-resin to reduce the production cost.

  2. VIP-2 (Using open-cell foams as the core of VIPs): The cells in the open cell foam are interconnected. An open-cell PU foam reinforced by cellulose nanofibers. The PU foam was synthesized from PET bottle wastes. A vacuum infusion method was used to produce the final VIP sandwich composite.

Competitive Advantages

Improved Durability and Mechanical Resistance

Reduced Production Cost

100% Environment-Friendly

Water Repellent Behaviour

Fungus-Proof and Anti-Microbial Properties


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