Advancements in Nano-Aerogel Technology and Sustainable Insulation Solutions

Nano-aerogel, characterized by its 3D nanoporous structure, has found applications in thermal insulation, photocatalysis, sound insulation, and adsorption storage across various industries like aerospace, electronic communication, and cleaning. Its remarkable properties include ultralow density, ultrahigh porosity, and extremely low thermal conductivity.

Aerogels are utilized in a diverse range of applications, including laser experiments, sensors, thermal insulation, waste management, molten metal handling, optics and light guides, electronic devices, capacitors, imaging equipment, catalysts, pesticides, and even cosmic dust collection.

InnoVIP Sealing Tech has developed long-lasting Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) made entirely from environmentally friendly raw materials. The company’s goal is to reduce energy demand and consumption in buildings while addressing the limitations of conventional thermal insulation methods.

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